Bishop of a school in Sragne threatens the lives of children

Bishop of a school in Sragne threatens the lives of children
Photo: WAM

Monday 08 August 2022 – 05:32

The M/M Al-Hamadna Lower Schools Group in Markaz Al-Sahrij, which is affiliated with the Qalaat Al-Sraghna Regional Directorate, complains about “sections that do not have the meaning of the section except the name. Mothers, fathers and guardians of students with a copy of it.

The same document further described the miserable situation of the Bajo Hamada Foundation, saying: “The group is immersed in many problems that have affected the learning of our children, and we will not raise the ceiling of lawsuits, so we will not talk about the school arena. despite its positive role in the student’s psyche, nor about student seating in the hallways and its importance in preparing the student to receive the scientific materials presented to him; The centrality of the tanker is in great need of classrooms that protect our children from heat, rain and rain, because they study inside buildings with dilapidated roofs that are falling all the time and their windows are broken.

“The voice in our throats has diminished from the intensity of the urgency for the long-awaited reform, but each time we return with a hidden desire, because knocking on the doors of officials only makes promises that evaporate in the heat of each summer, to that the rest of our children return to school as they left at the end of the year, ”says the same statement. He demanded that “students should not be deprived of the next school year, because most parents are seriously considering transferring their children from school.” .”

In response to what was stated in said statement, the Regional Director of the Ministry of National Education and Initial Education explained that “this complaint is registered in the National Complaints Portal under No. 8814717, while the Regional Directorate has prepared a record of medium-term program to compensate for the remaining 372 rooms in the region, and in this context, technical studies have been scheduled to replace 06 rooms in Lower Lahmadna Central for fiscal year 2022”.

A copy of a response to the complaint from the Association of Mothers, Fathers and Parents of Pupils, received by Hespress, from the Regional Director of National Education and Primary Education in Sraghna province, indicates that “the works will start next school year, and this school group has a steel fence, and it is connected to the water and electricity networks, it also has health facilities.”

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