A campaign to clean Karablanca beach in Nador

beach cleanup campaign "karablanca" binoculars
Photos: Hespress

Monday 08 August 2022 – 01:31

The Association of “Youth Association for Development and Solidarity” organized, throughout Sunday, a campaign to clean and purify the “Karablanca” beach in the municipality of Beni Sheker in the province of Nador, and to remove the writings and distorted drawings of the sandy rocks that surround the beach.

The campaign, which was carried out by a group of associates and other collaborators, began with the collection of rubbish and rubbish from vacationers, to later remove all the drawings on the sandy rocks, before ending the campaign by placing posters urging cleanup of the beach and its surroundings, and the preservation of its natural beauty.

Ashraf Belhyan, leader of the association, said that “Karablanca beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco and is surrounded by rare sandy rocks that add to its beauty, but unfortunately a large number of tourists write on these rocks and distort them, in addition to throwing their waste in the vicinity of the place.”

Belhyan added, in a statement to Hespress, that “the association’s campaign arose in interaction with social media posts condemning the distortion of this particular beach and calling for its cleanup and preservation of its natural beauty.”

He also highlighted the “need for all vacationers to have a civilized behavior towards the ecological environment of the region’s beaches in general.”

Concluding his statement, the president of the association called on the responsible authorities to take care of the beaches of the Bani Sheker community, which still suffers from neglect despite its beauty, which makes it a favorite destination for many visitors within and out. the country, as he put it.

nador Cleaning Karablanca Beach