This is the result of primary education in the Fnideq Strait

This is the result of primary education in the Fnideq Strait
Photo: WAM

Saturday 6 August 2022 – 06:20

The educational offer in the prefecture of M’diq Fnideq was reinforced with two primary education units in Douari Lausanne and Kandana in the highland commune, within the framework of the program for the generalization of primary education in the rural world, joining the 59 primary education units created between 2019 and 2022.

These two units benefit 25 students in Douar Belouazin and 25 students in Douar Kindaneh, with the employment of 3 nannies from the area; Although this process is part of the third phase of the National Initiative for Human Development, supporting the infrastructure of educational and training institutions that aim to expand the educational offer, improve the spaces and attractions of educational institutions and facilitate the student access. , especially in rural areas, to the services of the education and training system.

The cost of the two units, which were delivered in collaboration with the Regional Directorate for National Education, Primary Education and Sports, and the Moroccan Foundation for the Advancement of Primary Education, within the framework of the regional plan for the generalization of free education 2019 -2023, it amounted to about 400,000 dirhams.

An informed source explained to Hespress that the primary education units completed in 2022 made it possible to receive 2,668 beneficiary children, supervised by 133 educators; It is distributed among the Al-Alayni community with 13 units and 14 educators, 14 units in the Martil group and 47 educators, 13 units in the Madiq community and 33 educators; In addition to 11 units in the community of Fnideq, 31 babysitters, 6 units in the community of Beleionche and eight babysitters.

It should be noted that this process is also part of the efforts of all the actors in the region to encourage schooling in the rural world, raise the quality of education and improve the services provided in this sector, providing adequate conditions to facilitate and ensure continued attendance and enrollment of students in educational institutions.

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