The Minister of Health enters the line of fire of the hospital

The Minister of Health and Social Protection entered the damage line of the regional hospital in the city of Meknes, after a fire that affected it and reduced its capacity and sent patients to their homes outside of care beds.

In this context, Mohamed Boukeli, vice president of the Meknes commune, said that the city’s regional hospital was already experiencing a reduction in its services, after the number of its beds went from 700 beds, when it was inaugurated, to 300. Beds; This is an “insufficient number”.

Bukele added, in statements to Hespress, “After the fire in the electrical connections that had not been changed for some time, smoke rose to the six floors of the hospital and people fled in a chaotic manner.”

The official continued, “The problem is that this is a million-city hospital, not a residential building, and it is now operating at less than half capacity; This is a serious matter, and it passes without movement, knowing that a company came to repair the hospital and asked for 600 million, which the hospital does not have, due to the lack of supervision by an official; Neither the regional director nor the minister visited the hospital, and the regional director is on vacation, except for a common employee in Fez who came and took information.”

The vice president of Ismaili Capital Group continued: “The most dangerous thing is that the evacuation of patients in an emergency situation is supposed to be accompanied by the possibility of exploiting private hospitals; But what happened is that after the fire the patients were sent home, so these patients were either not sick and this is dangerous, or they were sick and they were sent out of the hospital without monitoring their condition, and this is imprudence”.

He added: “There was no investigation, nor were urgent measures taken, despite the fact that the hospital service is vital throughout the day, and this is a provocative contempt for the neighbors and indicates the absence of an emergency plan,

When I called Minister Ait Taleb, I did not find accurate information on the matter with him.”

Bukele went on to say: “As elected officials and partners, we didn’t find a recipient, so should it have happened in Rabat or Casablanca to be the movement?”

Regarding the communication with Khaled Ait Taleb, Minister of Health and Social Protection, the vice president of the Meknes group said that after speaking with him he denied having any knowledge of the matter, and promised to “do what is necessary”.