Homosexuality…a Cross-Border “Ideology” Backed by Money, Media, and Influence

They live among us and we share many traits and qualities with them, but they differ from us in their sexual instincts and tendencies, they are a minority that reproduces secretly and openly, and they sing the slogan of individual freedoms under the colors of the rainbow. .

Fitra..a campaign in two colors

Unconcerned with the common human instinct, movements in support of homosexuals mobilize influence, money and various means of communication in campaigns to preach homosexuality among children and adolescents to normalize this vice, which souls despise and abhor for their filthy and afflicted tastes. by enlightened minds.

Amid the momentum of propaganda campaigns in favor of homosexuality, the digital campaign “Fitra” emerged, which chose for itself a distinctive blue and light pink flag in front of the gay flag represented by the six colors of the rainbow.

Those behind this campaign are committed to educating younger generations about the dangers of normalizing homosexuality, which has become a cross-border ideology supported by countries and international companies.

Sociology and homosexuality

Dr. Mohamed Chraimi, professor of sociology at Abdelmalek El-Saadi University in Tetouan, explained that men’s sexual desire for women and women’s sexual desire for men are considered normal, adding: “But what is abnormal is that the man desires the male or the female in the female, or Both are in the animal.

The sociology professor highlighted to Hespress that “homosexuality is the paradox of the soul due to its human nature, in which sexual desire is attracted between similar homosexuals, for which the term homosexuality began to replace homosexuality and opposite sexual relations to the nature”.

Dr. Chraimi said that “homosexuality is a phenomenon that exists to varying degrees in all societies”, emphasizing that Moroccan society is not immune to this phenomenon, but that it hides among its public manifestations due to the rejection of culture and religion, emphasizing that it is not a new or exotic phenomenon, as it is known to exist in history.

He added that “the phenomenon is popular among a group of tribes, and a group of cities has known the spread of homosexuality between the male community and the female community, among the community of sailors and among the community of al-Mahadir al-Muamra. / the mosque, and among soldiers where there are no women, and it is exacerbated among women’s society where there are no women.” males. The phenomenon goes by various names, about which stories, jokes and suggestions have been woven, and people still find it amusing to this day.”

Demonstrate in public and enjoy in secret.

Dr. Chraimi recalled the lack of independence of the representations of Moroccan society in the face of this type of phenomenon, given that some of them immerse themselves in the phenomenon in secret and curse it in public.

Some may see it, adds the Moroccan academic, as a rejected phenomenon because it contradicts the teachings of religion and natural human instinct, while others may see individual freedom that falls within the framework of consensual relationships and is practiced in secret while it does. Do not scratch the feelings of those who reject it.

The speaker asked: “What is the fate of homosexuality in light of social changes? Will it become a matter of public opinion, like abortion or inheritance, and will Moroccan society accept it in the future, in the same way that it accepts phenomena that until recently were silenced, such as smoking by the children of women and mothers single women who commit suicide?

Evangelization campaigns garner sympathy for homosexuals

Mohsen Al-Yarmani, a researcher in comparative religion, considered this phenomenon as “a fierce war against common sense and normal character, in which the most powerful types of weapons were used to normalize this vice”, and pointed out that these campaigns of evangelization “go a long way to attracting many and drawing sympathy from homosexuals under the umbrella of humanity and individual freedom”.

The Al-Yarmani researcher said that “all laws and religions forbid this immorality and consider it among the main sins and immoralities, because the Almighty said to his servants: (Do not approach immoralities, whether they are apparent or hidden)” , adding that “the Holy Koran told us the story of the people of Lot, peace be upon him, to take into account what happened to them. ”من عذاب الله وسخطه ومقeccion ech لهم ، فأخر rav. مِنْ أدددٍ مِّن الْع PLAtimِينagr ، إِندّكُمْ anzaaderoأْتُونologist الرِّجدالomin شدهْوimar

Al-Yarmani continued: “Lot’s people reached the peak of moral decline, so they took from their Prophet because of his purity and holiness. Almighty God said: (And the response of his people was only that they said: ‘Expel them from their dwellings, because God Almighty has told him about them.’” The world is by the Almighty saying: (When our command came, we did it for life, and we were rained down upon it as a stone from a record otherwise than your Lord.