Ezzahi publishes a book on the anthropology of emotions

Ezzahi publishes a book on the anthropology of emotions
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Saturday 6 August 2022 – 04:29

A new book by the art critic and researcher in cultural anthropology, Farid Ezzahi, has been published by the Cultural Center of the Book, which is a translation of a book by the French sociologist David Lebroton, under the title “Anthropology of emotions: being emotionally in the world .”

From the cover of the new book: “Emotions are not absolute states, nor are they substances that can be transferred from one person to another, and from one group to another; They are not physiological processes in which the body has a secret, or they are not only that”.

And the same presentation continued: “…relations that cannot be reduced to a particular function of the appearance of the body; Whether in its implicit or tangible form, it translates itself through behavior and attitudes, resonates with others, and affects the world.”

The same source stated that “the body is an expressive space that expresses the emotional tone of the moment; That is why the symbolic signs generated by a personal affective feeling have a communicative function.” And he added: “In this book we do not establish a distinction between feeling and emotion, but we address in particular the affective relationship of the individual with the world, because emotions in this sense are only the most prominent moments of feelings.”

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