The breeding of stray dogs scares the inhabitants of Tinghir

A clear proliferation of stray dogs in the streets and alleys of the city of Tinghir is worrying citizens, especially young children and the elderly, and the faithful who go to the mosque every morning to perform the dawn prayer, in addition of the distortion of the city. image.

Several citizens revealed, in identical statements to Hespress, that the number of dogs in the streets and alleys increases day by day, and has become a real danger, given the silence applied by the collective councils and the corresponding authorities. demanding the collection of these dogs and their deportation to remote areas.

Abdel-Jabbar Ait Taleb, a citizen living in the Boukafar neighborhood, told Hespress that “dog packs have become a real danger to people’s health,” adding that “the collective council and the local authority need every It is time for someone to remind them to carry out the tasks that have been entrusted to them, and to clean the street of their occupation of dozens of “stray dogs”.

And the same spokesman added that “neighbors are obliged at all times to remind the competent authorities of their role in preserving public health”, highlighting that “these animals have recently occupied the main streets and alleys, and threaten physical security. of the citizen”. and blamed the collective council, about which he said: We see nothing of him more than a year after the inauguration of him, except painting the sidewalks”.

For her part, Halima, a resident of the Tishka neighborhood, said: “The city of Tinghir became, months ago, a breeding ground for stray dogs that roamed and roamed the streets and neighborhoods of the city, without interference from the competent authorities, especially the Collective Council”.

The same spokeswoman added, in statements to Hespress, that “the various orbits, parks and public squares of the city of Tinghir have become dens for stray dogs, which threaten passers-by, young and old, and offend the landscape of the city, which caused the discontent of the citizens with the collective council”.

To get a comment from the head of the Tangier group on the matter, the online newspaper Hespress called Mohamed Belmaki more than once, but his phone kept ringing unanswered.

On the other hand, a source from the local authority revealed that this issue is one of the prerogatives of the head of the collective council, in accordance with the provisions of article 100 of Organic Law 113.14 regarding territorial communities, adding that “the The article indicates that the president exercises the powers of administrative police in matters of health prevention, hygiene, public tranquility and traffic safety, making organizational decisions and through individual police measures of authorization, order or prohibition.

The same source added that “the problem of the proliferation of stray dogs on the streets, whether in the city of Tinghir or in the rest of the regions, is the responsibility of the corresponding collective council, as confirmed by article 100 of the aforementioned organic Law. that the president must take the necessary measures to prevent the loss of harmful and harmful animals, and through the monitoring of pets, the collection of stray dogs and the fight against rabies, and any other disease that threatens pets in accordance with the current laws and regulations.