The beaches of the Souss-Massa region attract Moroccan tourists, more recovery and less spending

The southern beaches, especially in the Souss-Massa region, became the destination for a large segment of Moroccan families “escaping” the congestion of the northern beaches in August.

In this context, Hassan Marzouki, a tourist actor from the south of Morocco, said that “Agadir has become an attractive tourist destination for citizens, but it has not yet registered the economic recovery that it knew before the pandemic, especially in 2019”.

Marzouki added, speaking to Hespress Online, that “the number of domestic tourists increases during the summer, given the multiple coastal beaches of Souss-Massa, in addition to the mild climate.”

The same professional actor explained that “the current recovery is due to the departure of all Moroccan families on summer vacations after two years of partial and total closure, in parallel to the problem of high infections by the emerging coronavirus.” : “The economic recovery is also due to the return of the Moroccan community residing abroad, as the Souss-Massa region welcomes a significant number of Moroccans from all over the world who return to their areas of residence during the summer.

The same spokesperson continued, “However, domestic tourism rates are still average during the current year, especially in light of current high prices and high fuel prices, causing families to spend Less than usual.”

“The spending capacity is limited compared to the period before Covid-19”, adds the same speaker, adding: “Yes, families choose SOS to spend the summer holidays, but they spend less than usual due to the repercussions of the pandemic and high prices.”

For this reason, the tour operator called on the hotel units to allocate “exceptional offers this month to encourage families to spend the summer vacations, so that the tourism sector achieves the desired added value, which will benefit the local economy. , and thus use those returns in investment”. and infrastructure construction.

It should be noted that the number of tourists who arrived in Morocco during the last five and a half months doubled to two and a half million tourists, compared to 2021, according to data presented by the minister in charge of the sector in the oral question session in the House of Representatives.