Narcotic pills throw 3 people into the hands of the police

Narcotic pills throw 3 people into the hands of the police
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Friday 5 August 2022 – 18:10

The elements of the state department of the Judicial Police of Tetouan, in close coordination with the interests of the General Directorate of Territorial Surveillance, managed, on Thursday night, to arrest three people between 26 and 56 years old, two women and the son. of one of them, under suspicion of his participation in the possession and distribution of 21,000 narcotic medical pills.

Hespress sources indicated that the main suspect was arrested near a road transport agency located in the center of Tetouan, when she was about to leave the city on a bus to transport passengers to Casablanca, where the inspection process to which she was submitted resulted in confiscation. This shipment of psychotropic substances consists of 21,000 anesthetic pills of the “Rivotril” type.

The same sources added that, in continuity with the investigations of this case, the second suspect and her son were detained in the city of Martil, on suspicion of their participation in this criminal activity.

It should be noted that the suspects were kept in theoretical custody, under the surveillance of the raid that is in charge of the competent Public Ministry; This is for the purpose of identifying all extensions and stopping the remaining possible perpetrators of this criminal activity.

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