Muhammad Al-Hanash… a life full of Arab maintenance

One of the outstanding figures of the Arabic language and its scientific maintenance, left the world of people, as it was the university professor and expert in linguistic engineering, Muhammad Al-Hanash, who taught linguistics at the University of Sidi Muhammad bin Abdullah in Fez and worked as editor-in-chief of the “Journal of Linguistic Communication”.

The deceased stood out for his interventions and research on the theme of national identity, Arabic linguistics, the Arabic language, its strength and presence, its renewal, the renewal of its teaching methods and the transfer of knowledge through she.

The late professor defended the need for the advancement of Arabic and its presence in the digital world to be a “political decision” first, and then an economic decision that invests in its life and the culture of its speakers.

The researcher opposed the teaching of subjects in French, instead of Arabic, in Morocco, saying that it is “a free service for the colonizer and a return to the country upside down”.

The deceased was a professor of linguistic engineering and an official in charge of cultural affairs at the Canadian University of Dubai, after obtaining a doctorate in linguistic engineering at the University of Paris.

He was also responsible for scientific projects; Including: the project for computation of Arabic structures at the Fez Faculty of Arts in Morocco, the project to build a morphological basis for Arabic language entries at King Abdulaziz City in Riyadh, the project to build a database of expressions minted in the Arabic language, and the “Technological Dhad” project of the Canadian University of Dubai.

Fouad Bouali, head of the National Coalition for the Arabic Language, said Muhammad al-Hanash was “one of the symbols of the Arabic language in Morocco and the Arab world,” and “his path was full, and he was the first to introduce the school of synthesis to Arabic linguistics, and one of the first to concern itself with the computation of the Arabic language, and has important theories that are now investing in linguistic experiences inside and outside of Morocco”.

Buali added in a statement to Hespress: “His knowledge and balance of research testify to him that he was a symbol of the defense of the Arabic language, and has a strong presence in the fight for the Arabic language in various forums and conferences. either organized by the National Coalition or organized by official institutions”.

And the head of the “Arabic Language Coalition” continued: “Dr. Al-Hanash was also busy with translation and Arabization, and he has a set of efforts in this field, and he was one of the flags of the language Arab in the Arab world and in Morocco, and with his sudden death, the Arab language and culture and the Moroccan culture lost one of its most important supports and one of its most important symbols.” ​​“.