Boussouf asks to take care of the memory of Wadi Al-Makhazin

Boussouf asks to take care of the memory of Wadi Al-Makhazin
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Saturday 6 August 2022 – 00:26

Abdallah Boussouf, Secretary General of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad, said: “Today comes the memory of the great battle of Wadi al-Makhazin, which is called in the history books the Battle of the Three Kings, which marked the death of three kings: Sultan Abd al-Malik al-Saadi, Ahmed al-Mutawakil and Sebastian, King of Portugal”.

Boussouf indicated, in a publication that he published on his account on the social network “Facebook”, that “the battle took place on August 4 and I learned of the defeat of the Portuguese king, who was leading a European Christian alliance formed by the Portuguese”. , Spanish and French armies and an army from the Vatican and Germany”.

The spokesman added that “the objective of the Portuguese in the battle was to eliminate the Muslims, as well as to crush the Jews who were expelled or fled from Spain”, noting that “the victory of Ahmed al-Mansur al-Dhahabi in the Battle of Wadi al-Makhazin it was a victory for religious freedom; Therefore, the Jews made this victory a holiday for themselves, which they celebrate on the day of Purim, at the beginning of September every year.

In the same publication, the secretary general of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad said that “this victory gave Morocco a kind of psychological immunity against the ambitions of the Europeans in the face of the French.

After Abdullah Boussouf confirmed that “the battle of Wadi al-Makhazin is a decisive battle in the history of Morocco, and a battle that framed the Moroccan identity and personality,” he said on his blog: “I hope that the Ministry of Culture pays pay attention to this battle, and turn your field into an open museum that reminds new generations of the great sacrifices made by their ancestors since then to build a plural, diverse and sovereign Morocco that has endured over time”.

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