Agadir launches a platform to exploit sports facilities

Agadir launches a platform to exploit sports facilities
Photo: Hespress

Friday 5 August 2022 – 14:09

The Agadir land community has launched a digital application to manage the requests and reservations for the use of the different sports spaces belonging to the community, especially the proximity stadiums and multi-sports pavilions.

This application, which is the first of its kind at the national level, will allow “to shorten the period required for the reservation procedure that is carried out by the normal methods to approve the applications submitted by clubs and associations”, according to Agadir Sports Affairs. Department.

The aforementioned authority clarified that the technical data of this platform indicate that “the beneficiaries can now carry out the reservation process from their mobile phone and without going to the group’s headquarters. Clubs and associations can also track their requests through the application and certify it while they carry out the activity in the chosen space”.

The system also allows, according to the same source, “to provide a comprehensive view of the reality of reservations and available times, which allows the control authority to organize the spaces well and optimize their use in a way that involves a lot of precision, good management and time savings.”

The Collective Council of Agadir intends from this initiative “to simplify administrative procedures and improve the services provided by the community, with the aim of creating an environment of trust between the administration and users”.

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