A young woman kills her uncle in Darwa, near Berrechid

A young woman kills her uncle in Darwa, near Berrechid
Photo: Hespress

Friday 5 August 2022 – 20:13

Today, Friday, the competent Public Ministry of the Judicial Department of Settat ordered that the body of a 50-year-old person be subjected to a medical autopsy in the Rahma morgue in Casablanca, to determine the true cause of death, after it was stabbed. with a sharp instrument by his niece in the city of Darwa in the region of Berrechid, in circumstances that were the subject of a judicial investigation by the Royal Gendarmerie in secret, the capital of Awlad Hariz.

Hespress sources reported that the dead man, who was born in 1966, worked as a driver, often staying with his sister in the Khadija 1 neighborhood of Al-Darwa city, until his niece fatally stabbed him in the neck. Al-Mazdada in 1988.

The elements of the Royal Gendarmerie of the Al-Darwa detention center, led by a company commander in Bershid, went to the accident site, where the incident was examined and the body was transferred to the Berrechid mortuary, before the competent authority. The Public Ministry ordered that he be directed to the Misericordia Autopsy Department in Casablanca for the benefit of the judicial investigation.

Hespress sources indicated that the elements of the judicial police attached to the gendarmerie managed to arrest the young woman suspected of killing her uncle, and listen to her before the initial information revealed that she suffers from psychological disorders and takes the corresponding medications according to a prescription, since that was under theoretical custody measure, pending presentation. The King’s Public Prosecutor’s Office before the Settat Court of Appeal will make the corresponding decision in his case.

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