Library shelves receive the “Wuhan Dragon”

Library shelves receive "wuhan dragon"
Photo: Hespress

Thursday 4 August 2022 – 05:10

In the libraries, he is preparing a novel by the Moroccan academic Mariam Ait Ahmed, who was one of the first writers to accompany the quarantine period, and a scientist who was clouded by the pandemic emergency.

This novel, which was published by its writer, an astrologer, in episodes, was published after its completion under the title “The Dragon of Wuhan”.

The events of this work take place “between Wuhan and the Juventus villa in Shanghai, where the heroine was transferred on a trip to China, to witness, after the announcement of the Wuhan stone, and its infection, interesting events, experienced by the company of the protagonists of the novel, moving with a spirit of adventure towards the unknown, in search of salvation from the smell of the burned dead”.

Regarding the interest in this world novelty, Ait Ahmed said that “the novelist cannot declare his silence in front of the scenarios of reality. This fits within the universal rules, balancing his ability to ride an intellectual tide to survive; Through these ramifications, the thinker, poet, philosopher and novelist is inspired by the elements of his existence, within the epic of life.

And the spokeswoman continued: “My experience recorded the first Arabic novel that accompanied the events of the Covid-19 virus (…) and this novel is a literary use of a mute one, globally confusing the interiors of the human soul, and through it I tried to express aloud the feelings that man feels everywhere, and at the same time”.

He continued: “A unified siege, a unified closing of the borders, a united fear, a transcontinental life-and-death struggle, scenes that are all dramatic events, prompting me to draw on my imagination and advance to the front lines of defense. to contribute to the history of the event, in the battle of literary martyrdom over the time… I recounted its interesting facts.” , with incidents in which feelings of separation and encounter, confusion and hope, adventure for survival were unleashed. mixed, and their stations embodied the characters of the novel.

Regarding the publication of the fragmentary novel before it was published in its current complete form, the spokeswoman stated: “Faced with the storm of death that haunts the human being in quarantine, within the empty streets of the world, with feelings of fear and anticipation transcontinental, and within global events and variables, cities and countries were closed, with all their facilities, and airports were besieged, Mosques were prohibited… As I followed the scenes of millions of people stranded around the world, and cases of alienation and human distancing by all standards, corpses buried without saying goodbye to their loved ones, I had no choice but to divide my novel into chapters, whose ending is unknown.

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