Democratic approach supports “China’s soil unity”

The democratic approach supports "china floor unit"
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Thursday 4 August 2022 – 16:02

After its Fifth National Congress, which prompted it to change its name to “Workers’ Democratic Approach,” the Marxist Party demanded to “stop the war in Ukraine” and “stop opening another military post in Taiwan,” which it said was “ Part of Chinese soil.

In the latest statements from his new political office, Al-Nahj called for the “dissolution of NATO,” which he said was “responsible for starting wars to divide countries and control their wealth and natural resources.”

At the national level, the “Democratic Labor Approach” demanded “the release of all political prisoners, and an end to the systematic repressive policies against freedom of expression and freedom of association, assembly and demonstration”, then renewed its call to “ repeal the health emergency law. .”

Al-Nahj criticized the official measure of the fires, saying that there is “a disregard for the lives of the citizens and the citizens who were exposed to the fires and left them to face their fate, trusting in their humble self.” He also criticized “the inaction in the face of the widespread phenomenon of thirst, which has become a threat to many areas and neighborhoods,” he said.

The Democratic Labor Approach also warned of “the penetration of the Zionist cancer into the various junctures of the State and its incessant attempts to break into public facilities and sectors, such as culture, education, tourism, sports and other fields”, according to the drafting of the statement.

Then the party called to “unify the popular struggles, expand the social front and settle it in the popular neighborhoods, in order to strengthen it and carry out its mobilizing tasks, in the objective conditions characterized by the generalization and expansion of poverty and marginalization policies. ”. ”

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