Criticism surrounds a parliamentarian on the media and the emigration of doctors. The union denies the accusations.

Total rejection of the accusations of media responsibility in the case of the migration of medical personnel abroad, professional responses issued regarding Statements by Mohamed Zidouh, Parliamentary Counselor of the Independence and Equality Team.

Actors from the media sector were surprised by the criticism of a subject of complex interpretations and its link with the handling of the subject by the press and its monitoring of a group of known problems in the health sector and the problems raised by the lobbies of the private clinics in Morocco.

Zidouh, a doctor who works in the private sector, said during a meeting to discuss the framework bill related to the health system in the Chamber of Councilors, addressing the Minister of Health and Social Protection that “preserving the private sector requires protecting it from the media tragedies it suffers”.

A Hespress commentator asked: Why the media, Mr Chancellor? Is the media crushing the rights of doctors with meager pay and poor compensation? Is the media the guardian of this sector? There is no room for comparison between our country and the countries to which doctors emigrate.

Another commenter said: “MP, do you want to silence the media?” Do you want Morocco to be a dictatorship? Why not tell the truth and attack the State that underestimates the medical profession? Why don’t you have the courage to declare before the Minister that the doctor receives a low salary and that the conditions in which he works are not encouraging?

Hanan Rehab, vice president of the Moroccan National Press Union, said that a parliamentary adviser with the majority took advantage of a session to discuss the health system framework bill to attack the press, which criticizes some practices that are offensive to the press. noble medical profession, and which threaten the health security of Moroccans.

Rehab added that the consultant, who works as a doctor in the private sector and who is supposed to have the professional and representative capacity to be at the forefront of defending the health of Moroccans, was not seen in a session to discuss a major project. . This was worked on by royal instructions in the last cabinet personally presided over by His Majesty the King, only a station for downloading accounts with a press that only fulfilled its duty to warn of the imbalances known to the health system.

The vice president of the National Union of the Moroccan Press considered, in statements to Hespress, that the imbalances were detailed in the reports of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, the Special Commission on the Development Model, the reports of the General Inspection of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection and the Superior Council of Accounts, and reports from more than one parliamentary commission of investigation, and even the electoral program of his party referred to them, as well as numerous judicial follow-ups.

Rehab Fethie made the same statement: Are all these institutions conspiring against the health system and are they the reason why doctors migrate abroad, as the consultant accused the press? teachers and other cadres.

The spokeswoman stressed that this is an issue that should be the subject of a thorough discussion to investigate and deal with the causes, and not depend on a naive and illogical response: the press is the cause of the brain drain, and added: The press criticizes the practices. in medicine, education, public service, security and civil protection, and even criticizes practices in professionals. The media also points out the efforts that deserve to be highlighted, and that is its mission.

Rehab indicated that the press does not have any bias in favor of one profession or against another profession, and perhaps the adviser does not read what is published in newspapers and websites, noting that what is provocative is the statement by the parliamentary adviser that complained about the press to the Minister. of Youth, Culture and Communication, this adviser believes that we live in a totalitarian state. Where does the government impose a tutelage on the work of journalists?

The vice president of the National Union of the Moroccan Press considered that the question is very simple: are the news published by the journalist reliable or not? If it is reliable, the counselor must be the first to denounce the abusive practices of the noble message of medicine, and if not, there are response channels and even persecution. Otherwise, holding the press responsible for the emigration of doctors abroad is absurd, stressed Rehab, who pointed out that immigrant doctors would be surprised, in turn, if they knew that someone linked their emigration to what the press wrote; Because he will portray them as fleeing from the issues that haunt them, and not as frames in search of opportunities that they see better abroad.