An initiative that returns the shine to the “houses” of Chefchaouen

An initiative that brings back the shine "houses" in Chefchaouen
Photos: Hespress

Thursday 4 August 2022 – 01:28

The Association for the Development of the Sahel has launched voluntary workshops to rehabilitate the neighborhood of the “houses” in the Matar community in the Chefchaouen region, painting and painting the walls of the houses.

The unemployed in the workshops refused, but to put their fingerprints on the walls, transforming the deserted neighborhood, which was intended to house sailors, into an artistic painting that increased the aesthetics of the population.

Muhammad Al-Raboun, secretary general of the Association for the Development of the Sahel, which is behind this initiative, explained that the “Al-Bayout” neighborhood was experiencing great marginalization, highlighting the desire of the workshop participants to contribute to the development and advancement of the conditions of the aforementioned neighborhood for the attraction of tourism.

Al-Raboun added, in statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress, that this initiative arises from the belief in the role of civil society actors to contribute to improving the standard of living.

The volunteer initiative included the “Al-Bayout” neighborhood; By painting the walls and walls of some of its spaces, subject to continuous marginalization, verified by the absence of this fact in the agendas of those in charge of local public affairs, it only managed to sow hope and determination and instill the spirit of volunteering.

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