A women’s association praises the revision of the Family Code

A women's association praises the revision of the Family Code

Thursday 4 August 2022 – 03:06

The Progressive Union of Moroccan Women, affiliated with the Moroccan Labor Union, said it was following with interest King Mohammed VI’s speech on the occasion of the commemoration of the 23rd anniversary of Throne Day, noting that its contents contained important messages to improve skills of the national economy and consolidate social stability, based on the advancement of the status of women and the family as a national priority to address internal and external challenges.

In a statement, the Progressive Union of Moroccan Women drew attention to the legal loopholes that perpetuate injustice and injustice against women in a series of files before the courts and the family courts in particular.

The same communication said that the discrimination resulting from the socially unbalanced relationship between the sexes, which affects women from childhood to school, is the same discrimination that characterizes their professional career, which does not guarantee the minimum wage and security conditions and falls short of human dignity. .

The same source urged the government to review the Family Code and Law 103.13 to combat violence against women and all unjust laws against women, calling to support and accompany working women and protect them from all forms of discrimination. , violence and harassment and remove barriers to their access to decision-making positions.

The union also called for speeding up the ratification of Convention 190 issued by the International Labor Organization and its recommendation 206, calling for speeding up the generalization of social protection to allow women in various social positions and conditions to reach a minimum income that preserves women. Moroccan women and their dignity.

The communication, reached by Hespress, praised the initiatives and workshops aimed at achieving a true legislative reform that raises the status of women and improves their material and moral conditions, expressing its willingness to contribute to these initiatives in defense of the dignity of the woman.

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