“Saturday Market” is enhanced with new hygiene mechanisms

"Saturday market" Improved by new cleaning mechanisms
Photos: Hespress

Wednesday 3 August 2022 – 03:13

In order to improve the cleaning services provided to the residents of Sabt Awlad Al-Nama, and in order to remedy the shortcomings at the level of the domestic waste collection and transport fleet, this fleet was reinforced in the community with new mechanisms, coinciding with the launch of the measure commissioned for hygiene in the city.

In this regard, the head of the collective council, Boubacar Auchen, said that “all the efforts made by local authorities, business frameworks and workers, elected officials and civil society aim to rehabilitate the city to rise to the rank of cities clean, highlighting that “strengthening the hygienic fleet and improving services is a procedural step among the other steps that are going to be taken at the city level.

For his part, Moncef Aqeeda, Commercial Director of Souk Sept. Environnement, upon receiving the agreement to manage the city’s hygiene sector, said that “the company’s garage hangar was reinforced with 4 large-size compactors (12 cubic meters), a medium-size compactor (8 cubic meters) , containers of various sizes and 18 closed iron containers (6 meter cubes), container washing trucks, many sweeping equipment, vacuum trucks, bulldozers, security cars and motorcycles; In addition to a series of mechanisms and equipment that are difficult to count, with a total investment value of about 10 million dirhams.

According to the same source, the new equipment is characterized by its high specifications: “Street sweeping mechanisms, for example, have a great capacity to suck up large amounts of dust, which helps a lot to keep the streets clean, especially in the summer period. , and contributes to improving the level of cleaning services in the city; The bulldozer will also be able to solve various problems that arose at the level of the collective garbage dump”.

Speaking to Hespress, Monsef pointed out that the value of this local project, which will last 7 years, exceeds 10 million dirhams per year, while the tonnage of household waste for the 67 thousand inhabitants of the Saturday market exceeds 20 thousand tons per year. The number of workers is about 100, including about 10 women.
As reported by the head of the land community at the Saturday market, the company’s workers are about to take advantage of new privileges outside the framework of the tax book, within the framework of a collective agreement between the city council, the union and the company . ; In addition to the rest of the earnings that the company provided them in the previous period.

It should be noted that the launching of the fleet of the aforementioned company, affiliated with the “Casa Technic” group, was marked by the presence of local authorities, security and gendarmerie elements, civil society actors, workers, networks and trade unions. the company. With a detailed presentation on the environmental and social dimension of the company’s policy, the number of its workers at a national level, as well as its capital and the groups in which it is responsible for managing the hygiene sector.

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