Motorcycles terrorize the static old Chefchaouen

Motorcycles terrorize the static old Chefchaouen
Caricature: Mubarak Buali

Wednesday 3 August 2022 – 05:08

Day by day, demonstrations of motorcycle driving at crazy speeds in the alleys of the old city of Chefchaouen are intensifying more and more, becoming a daily phenomenon that threatens the safety and tranquility of residents and tourists alike.

The old city lives day and night to the rhythm of direct confrontations between reckless cyclists and residents as well as tourists; This calls for reprimanding this reckless behavior, whose owners violate traffic laws and threaten people’s safety, even more so when the city is experiencing an unprecedented tourist season.

The situation is aggravated when cyclists drive unbalanced or perform acrobatic movements, which can endanger them first, as well as pedestrians.

The neighbors denounced this phenomenon, which began to spread with the reckless behavior of its owners, since they also travel in groups between various places in the city, including the main streets; This requires the responsible and competent authorities to take firm interventions to dissuade these offenders so that the consequences do not happen.

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