An official source denies that there are changes in the status of the “Israeli office” in Rabat

Urgent |  An official source denies that there are changes in the situation "israeli office" in Rabat
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Wednesday 3 August 2022 – 13:25

An informed source revealed to the electronic newspaper Hespress that there is no change in the status of the Israel Liaison Office in Morocco, noting that the work of preparing a new headquarters for the office is “a normal matter for the Israeli side.”

The same official source, speaking to Hespress, stressed that “the construction of a new headquarters for the Israeli office does not matter to Moroccan diplomacy; Rather, it only requires a license from the administrative and territorial authorities”, stressing that “the matter is related to the headquarters of a liaison office”.

And he considered that “the construction of an administrative headquarters requires only a license from the workers and the State, and diplomacy does not interfere in these matters.”

David Govrin, head of the Israeli mission in Morocco, said on Tuesday that a contract had been signed to build the headquarters of Israel’s permanent embassy in Rabat, after the Israeli presence in Morocco was limited to a liaison office in the capital. , Rabat.

Govrin tweeted: “I am very happy to share this photo with you, which is a witness to one of the historic moments that I experienced with my team, since the day before yesterday (Monday) the contract was signed to build the headquarters of the permanent Israeli embassy in Morocco.”

The Israeli diplomat added: “The contract was signed with engineers and a Moroccan construction company.” And Govrin added: “With this, we will begin, God willing, a new era, in which we will consolidate our distinguished relations with Morocco.”

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