A new collection of poems that illustrates the anthology of Mohamed Belmo

A new collection of poems that illustrates the anthology of Mohamed Belmo
Photo: Hespress

Wednesday 3 August 2022 – 11:22

Entitled “A Black Button to Kill Spring”, an anthology of poetry by Moroccan poet Mohamed Belmo was published by the Maqaribat Foundation for Publishing and Cultural Industries in Fez.

The Diwan includes poems; Among them are “Only the windows”, “Sometimes jail”, “Honesty”, “Declarations of sadness and joy”, “The trip of kindness”, “He did not allow me to see you”, “I am the wind, Or ink?”, “Come back, I want to dance”, Between lasso and lasso”, and a “black button to kill spring”.

And in the poem in which the Diwan is named, the reader reads: “Every sin has a button / And ghosts have the darkness of this secret / Oh my son / You will miss grandma’s story / Play dirty / The sun of the hills / The horse of absence / Oh my son / You will lose ten pencils / The smell of ink / Mourning notebook / A black button / I will expel you from the valley walk / Mountain air / Sea spray / Patience / Because the button is the master of the new universe / it takes you to your little square” until the poet says: “Oh my son / I fear for you every black button / black button to kill the spring”.

On the back of the book’s cover, the Muqaribat Foundation stated that it seeks to “put poetry in its creative and aesthetic context, and triumph over the values ​​of modernity and experimentation. Poetry is existence itself, and it is in constant creation, like a river whose waters are renewed, because poetry, that is how it appeared, and that is how it came, like emergence, or amazement and ecstasy without borders, it goes towards infinity, and it is, also, an adventure that aspires to the unknown, and opens more than Paths and paths, do not believe in a single closed form; Rather poetry is forms and proposals, it is plurality, diversity and heterogeneity, rather it is difference.”

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