University fires Hajji for ‘serious mistake’

The university separates my Hajj due to "serious mistake"
Photo: Hsport

Tuesday, August 02, 2022 – 23:12

It seems that the series between former Moroccan international Mustafa Hajji and the Royal Moroccan Football Association is still long, after the latter made the decision to fire the assistant coach of the first team, 8 years ago, alleging that he made a serious mistake. .

The Royal Moroccan Football Federation, through its general secretary, edited the dismissal decision and communicated it to Mustafa Hajji, without prior notice or compensation, alleging that the assistant coach of the “Lions” had been absent four days of the 12 months, since last July 18, without justification.

According to the notification letter, the university did not receive any clarification on the aforementioned absence, since Hajji did not attend the meeting that was scheduled with the FRMF officials, on Friday, July 29, to make the decision to dismiss immediately, without prior notice or compensation. for having made a serious mistake.

And university sources assured, in statements to “Hipsport”, that the Royal Moroccan Football Federation wanted to end Hajji’s file by mutual agreement, during the meeting that was scheduled between both parties, last Friday; However, his absence caused the officials to apply the content of the Labor Law, by taking the decision of immediate dismissal.

The same sources added that Mustafa Hajji could turn to FIFA or the Court of Arbitration for Sport, if he does not accept the university’s decision.

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