Algeria responds to the Moroccan-Israeli rapprochement by deploying missiles in front of the Kingdom’s borders

Images published by the Algerian media and pages showed Russian-made S-350 surface-to-air missile systems installed in Algerian military bases near the Kingdom’s eastern border.

Several forums and digital media close to the Algerian areas of influence broadcast these images, considering them as an Algerian response to the recent Moroccan-Israeli rapprochement, which culminated in the visit of the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army Aviv Kohavi to the Kingdom.

These photos were later found to be true, as they were actually taken of Boufarik; It is for the Russian-made S-350 surface-to-air missile system, after it was purchased in 2020.

Algeria became the first buyer of a Russian-made surface-to-air missile system. There are still doubts about the origin of these images, which may have been filtered by the Algerian military leadership to show its armed force against Morocco, which concludes more contracts and defense agreements with Israel to acquire the Dome or Barak-8 system. .

The S-350 surface-to-air missile system is aimed at bolstering Algeria’s air defenses to intercept manned aircraft and ballistic missiles.

For these purposes, it has a range of 120 km against manned aircraft and 30 km for missiles. These ranges make the S-350 a mid-range system.

This category of the Algerian arsenal also includes the Buk-M2 and S-300 systems. The weapon system is mounted on a BAZ-6909 artillery tractor vehicle and fires the same projectiles as the S-400 Triumph system, which is subject to CAATSA sanctions.

The S-350 comes with a radar system and a cockpit. It has the ability to deploy within five minutes of reaching firing position. Images posted online show military installations where at least five of these weapon systems are said to be stationed.

According to Mina Defense, a portal that analyzes the military capabilities of the Maghreb countries aligned with Algeria, the photos show a military base of the Algerian Air Force.

Military airfields could be Boufarik or Blida, near the capital, in the north of the country. This airbase is located just 115 kilometers from the Moroccan border, a distance within the range of the S-350 system. The Moroccan border town of Oujda is 15 kilometers to the west.