Al-Bayda security denies the authenticity of a circulating tape

Al-Bayda security denies the authenticity of a circulating tape
Photo: WAM

Tuesday, August 02, 2022 – 19:06

The Casablanca Security Province categorically denied “the authenticity of the false comments and posts that accompanied the circulation of a video on social networks, showing that a person subjected a group of women to robbery with violence, a recording that was attached to false comments claiming that the matter was related to a suspect before Moroccan police interests for his involvement in the commission of these crimes at the entrance of residences in the city of Casablanca.

The Casablanca Security State confirmed, in a factual statement, that “these allegations are incorrect”, and that “the investigations and investigations, as well as the technical reports carried out on this videotape, showed that the matter was related to criminal acts committed in one of the European countries, and that the police interests in that country began the search procedures “against the suspect during the month of June, a case that has been the subject of several media outlets.”

In the same statement, it was indicated that “The Casablanca Security Province, although it denies the false comments published in this regard, in turn emphasizes that it has carried out the necessary investigations in order to diagnose the identity of those involved or involved in compromising the sense of security among citizens when publishing this data and fake news.”

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