The youth group reacts to the king’s directives

The National Federation of Collective Youth held its ordinary meeting at the end of this week in Fez, in parallel to the work of the regional youth forum “Ahrar” in the Fez-Meknes region. The appointment was an occasion to discuss the latest political and social events in the country in the face of the difficult economic situation.

In a statement, the federation refused to exploit the repercussions of the unprecedented increase in the prices of a number of imported raw materials, especially the prices of energy materials, by a group of different and contradictory parties, which are united by the premeditated intent to target party leader Aziz Akhannouch using tools manufactured for narrow accounts and interests that have nothing to do with the demands of legitimate social citizens.

The members of the National Youth Federation focused on the deep implications and sober political messages that the Glorious Throne Day speech carries, especially in regard to the realistic and objective interaction with the difficult economic situation that our country is experiencing. product of the repercussions of global and external conditions. factors, in addition to the repercussions of a difficult agricultural season, which was reflected in the rise in prices in our country, like most other countries.

The communication also noted King Mohammed VI’s directives to allocate significant financial funds to support basic materials, culminating in the government’s doubling of the compensation fund budget to exceed Dh32 billion, the communication added, considering the King’s call to maintain a spirit of optimism. considering the difficult situation as a motivating guideline towards the concerted efforts of all involved, the government parliament and the political parties.

The same source valued the contents of the high royal speech, especially with regard to the revision of the Family Code, in order to ensure the dedication of profits and the overcoming of imbalances and refusals.

The same statement also urged the government to react quickly to King Mohammed VI’s wise directives regarding the release of the unified social registry, which would directly direct the process of financial support for fragile Moroccan families and relieve pressure on the compensation fund. .

The same federation highlighted the supervision by the Prime Minister of the signing of a framework agreement worth 3,000 million dirhams with the aim of increasing the total number of workers in the health sector from 17.4 workers per 10,000 people to 24 workers by 2025, and then to 45 workers by 2025. 2030, considering this as an indication of the seriousness of the government in Improving the health system with a timely and financially audited strategy to strengthen the foundations of the social state to guarantee provision adequate medical care that preserves the dignity of citizens.

The federation condemned the Human Rights Watch report, stressing that it was contrary to reality and offensive to the symbols of the Kingdom, and revealed the suspicious political identity of this organization, which has been the target of prejudice against Morocco by fabricating unrealistic accusations in the framework of its usual methodology of moving away from the line of neutrality, objectivity and credibility in the writing of thematic reports.