The president of the United States is in good health despite “Covid”

However, the president of the United States is in good health. "COVID-19"
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Monday, August 01, 2022 – 18:31

The personal doctor of the US president, Joe Biden, announced on Monday that the latter is still infected with the “Covid” epidemic, but is in good health and continues to direct the country’s affairs from the White House.

And Kevin O’Connor said in a message released by the presidency that the 79-year-old Democratic president remains in quarantine “in the interest of protecting” those around him.

And Joe Biden tested positive on July 21 with “mild symptoms,” and was released from quarantine on Wednesday after his test result came back negative.

But his test result came back positive on Saturday, and this is a possibility in patients who were treated like him with the drug Paxilovide.

This antiviral treatment from the Pfizer Laboratory works by reducing the ability of the virus to multiply, thus slowing down the outbreak of the disease.

It is recommended for use in the United States for people at risk of serious illness, and the President of the United States falls into this category because of his age.

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