“Dust collapse” ends the lives of two workers in the district of Chefchaouen

"dust collapse" End the lives of two workers in Chefchaouen
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Monday, August 01, 2022 – 8:18 PM

Today, Monday, two workers died in a landslide outside a contracting company that supplies drinking water to Akjion Medshar in the Bab Taza commune in Chefchaouen province.

Identical local sources assured that the two workers, from the Bani Yajmaa roundabout of the Bab Taza community, were starting work in the middle of a channel about 6 meters deep, before being surprised by the landslide. ; Which led to the padding on them.

As soon as it was notified, the representative of the local authority and civil protection personnel went to the accident site, and the bodies of the dead were recovered and sent to the morgue until the end of the investigation opened by the fact under the authority . supervision of the competent Public Ministry in order to determine the circumstances and circumstances of the act.

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