The fact that Zamalek is close to including Mubarak

The fact that Zamalek is close to including Mubarak
Photo: Hsport

Sunday 31 July 2022 – 03:30

The Al-Fateh Al-Rabat football club revealed the veracity of the news that indicated the approach of the transfer of its midfielder, Mahdi Mubarak, to the Egyptian club Zamalek, within the framework of the current summer transfers, and the offers reached by the club of other clubs seeking, in turn, to sign this player in the current period.

An official source from the Rabat team confirmed, in statements to “Hesport”, that the club’s management has received some offers from France and Turkey, in addition to the Egyptian Zamalek, who also wants to sign for Mubarak this summer “Mercato”, indicating that the team has not decided the fate of the player so far.

He added that the management of Al-Fateh Al-Rabat decided not to sell Mabarek to a Moroccan club, despite having received contacts from big clubs that wanted to sign him this summer, given that Al-Fateh, in turn, seeks to achieve a set of objectives during the next season in the competitions in which it will participate, indicating that there are negotiations with Zamalek, with a study of the rest of the offers that the club reached.

He stressed that the team will not sell its player until it reaches an economic offer in line with the ambitions of Mubarak and the club, with the need for the latter to compete for titles to contribute to the development of the player’s level in the future.

The same source also indicated that the representative of the capital, Rabat, reached national and Arab offers to hire the player Montaser Lahtimi, but is waiting to reach a European offer or an important Arab club, which will help the promise. of the player to continue. The development of him and further highlight his abilities, which will be studied in the coming days, notes that he will not be allowed to go to a national club either, adds the same source.

It is worth noting that Al-Mahdi Mubarek and his partner, Montaser Lahtimi, are considered among the most sought-after names in the current summer “Mercato” at the biggest domestic clubs, in addition to their team reaching significant foreign offers.

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