King Mohammed VI is open to modifying the inheritance… and asks for lower prices

The royal speech on the occasion of Throne Day redraws many paths in the management of the internal and external affairs of the country, establishing the general policy of the Kingdom. After the demands and social discussions, King Mohammed VI resolved questions of purchasing power, high prices, the status of women, the family code and relations with Algeria.

The speech is expected to convey major debates between the majority and the opposition, as well as in public, especially on the issues of high prices and speculation that have been the subject of widespread criticism in the last period, with demands to take over the government. measures to relieve pressure on citizens.

In addition to prices and speculation, the debates between modernity and conservatism within Moroccan society are expected to return, after the royal speech approved the need to review the Family Code, and raised questions of peremptory verses and the need to promote the status of women in society.

In the same sense, King Mohammed VI rejected any insult from the Moroccans to the Algerian people, expressing his attachment to the policy of hand outstretched to build relations between the two countries, contrary to what is collected in numerous analyzes and comments issued sometimes on social networking sites

Ahmed Aseed, researcher and jurist, considered that the importance of the speech lies in three things, according to his estimation, the first of which is the decision that jurists and women’s movements have been waiting for years, which is to review the problematic articles of the Code of Family, 18 years after previous review.

According to Aseed, the current version had many shortcomings and defects: “Perhaps the king’s affirmation of what was said in the speech in which he approved the previous revision, and in which he indicated that the forbidden is not analyzed or the analyzer is prohibited, is In other words, articles in which there are no clear and direct texts can be modified”. He so he put it.

In matters of succession, for example, this could mean the abolition of the catastrophe of “intolerance”, from which Moroccan families suffer so much. Perhaps addressing the Moudawana issue at the beginning, before economic and social welfare issues, indicates the importance that the king gives to this issue, which constitutes a minefield for Moroccan elites, ”adds the authorized Hespress.

In another context, the same human rights activist pointed out that “the speech underlined the importance of completing the generalization of health and working on reducing prices, a problem that worries broad social groups, while deciding on the obstacles to investment and the ways to facilitate the attraction of investment”. ; Although he did not indicate the measures with which these obstacles could be faced.

“The speech was also an important gesture for neighboring Algeria with what was mentioned in the royal speech about the outstretched hand policy and a call to close the gap, establish good neighborliness and open the borders, which is a response if it corresponds by great obstinacy on the part of the other side, but it scores a positive point for the Moroccan regime internationally.” The speaker ends.