Al-Zeniti goalkeeper receives two official offers

Al-Zeniti goalkeeper receives two official offers
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Sunday, July 31, 2022 – 07:34

Sources close to goalkeeper Anas Al-Zeniti confirmed that he had received two official offers during the current summer transfers, following the completion of his contract with Raja Sports.

The same sources indicated, in statements to “Hesport”, that Al-Zeniti reached an external offer and another from a local team, pointing out that it takes time to study the details of the two offers at the present time.

He added that Zeniti will decide on the two offers that have been presented in the next two weeks.

Regarding the possibility of renewing his contract with Raja Sports, a source close to Al-Zeniti explained, in statements to “Hesport”, that the latter did not completely close the door in this regard, and that he is currently considering all the possibilities . who come before him without pressure.

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