The voice of Morocco is heard thanks to the King

Peru: The voice of Morocco is heard thanks to the King
Photo: Hespress

Saturday 30 July 2022 – 19:19

Anis Biro, member of the Political Bureau of the National Association of Independents party, said that Throne Day is an occasion to praise the success of the Kingdom of Morocco in winning the bid for social and economic development under the leadership of King Mohammed VI.

Peru, who spoke this afternoon, Saturday, during the activities of the Regional Forum of Youth Groups in the Fez region – sponsored by the city of Fez – on the theme “The Social State and the Commitment to Achieving Territorial Justice”, stressed that the position of the Kingdom of Morocco in the international community has been distinguished and that the voice of Morocco has been heard and added that the Kingdom enjoys the appreciation and respect of several international partners thanks to the wise diplomacy of the King.

The same spokesman indicated that the Kingdom has witnessed the launch of a series of development projects and major reforms, which King Mohammed VI has led since he assumed the throne of his blessed ancestors.

In the same context, Peru called on the Youth Association to be proud of their country and to belong to the National Association of Independents, as a patriotic party that has contributed throughout history to building the Morocco of institutions and the Morocco of freedom, democracy and the dignity of the citizen.

He praised the management of the assembly headed by the Government in the difficult stage that the world is going through, a measure that was characterized by reconciling the fulfillment of commitments and facing the repercussions of the situation, adds Peru.

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