An initiative of cultural actors to restore the sanctuary of the owner of the “Naked Bread” in the “Novia del Norte”

Evoking some of the fingerprints of the last years of life, cultural actors, writers and readers traveled to visit the tomb of the Moroccan writer Mohamed Choukri in Tangier, praising his soul and sending many memories in the soul of those who lived with him and his readers who flocked to the Marshan Cemetery in the Bride of the North.

The visit, which is part of the program for the third day of activities at the Tangier Twiza Festival, took place on Saturday and was attended by writers and friends of the deceased, led by the Tunisian writer Youssef Siddik, the Algerian writer Amin Zaoui, the journalist Abdellatif Benihi and the poet Abdelhamid Al-Yandouzi.

After years of neglect that affected the tomb of the deceased, the management of the Touza Festival repaired its surroundings, waiting for more initiatives to care for the memory of the author who dedicated his life to writing and to Tangier and recommended that his body rest in Marshan Cemetery there.

With moving words and gestures, writers, friends and readers stood in front of the deceased’s grave, placed red roses on it, took pictures of gratitude and recalled the moments and correspondence they had with Shukri during separate periods of his life.

The tomb recalled some of the aesthetics by clearly writing Shukri’s name on his tombstone and planting some flowers on it, after being neglected for years, according to Ibrahim, the caretaker of the “Marshan” cemetery, who paid few visits to the tomb. . by Moroccans compared to Shukri’s European friends who always come to pray for him. .

In the same context, the activities of the festival will organize today, Saturday, the 14th forum for the perpetuation of the literature of the international writer Mohamed Choukri, by presenting the experiences of young writers under the title: “Creativity and the discourse of the margin”, with the participation by Youssef Karmah, Nabil Al Hamri, Youssef Al Sarroukh, Mahjoub Bensali and Aziz Rayan.

Aziz Waroud, general director of the Touisa Mediterranean Festival for Amazigh Culture in Tangier, told Hespress that visiting Shukri’s tomb with writers and readers, “usually for a long time is part of the festival’s activities, and this year it is decided to restore the tomb, noting that the primary goal remains “to ensure that Shukri’s presence is always top of mind”.

Amin Al-Zawi, the Algerian writer, considered the visit to Shukri’s grave a “noble pause” in front of an international writer who was inspired by many texts and dedicated to his writings, describing the deceased as a “friend” with the who was communicating many times through correspondence that “has become a beautiful archive”.

Al-Zawi told Hespress that “Shoukry will now be very happy with this visit”, highlighting its resemblance to the value of loyalty to the deceased, from Algiers, and the goal “a pause in front of the beautiful memory of Shukri”, noting that “his soul will now be smiling on high at the arrival of friends”.

Abdellatif Benyahia, journalist and friend of the late Mohamed Shoukry, considered this paragraph, which is part of the activities of the Toiza Festival, “has a symbolic and profoundly human dimension”, praising the restoration of Shoukry’s tomb and the desire to everyone to visit him and reassure him. the soul of him.

Benyahia said, in statements to Hespress, that “Shoukry lived a hard life, but in return he achieved international fame”, noting that “everyone was affected by his departure, but now he will be happy after his friends gave him roses, one of the things closest to your heart.

The Moroccan journalist added that “the deceased was a lover of life, and when his economic conditions improved, he lived with very elegant elections, but the departure was confirmed, I wish him to rest in peace and tranquility,” noting that many memories await him. . him while in front of Shukri’s grave.