A nutritionist offers tips to avoid poisoning during the summer

A nutritionist offers tips to avoid poisoning during the summer
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Saturday 30 July 2022 – 07:00

During the summer cases of food poisoning increase, as high temperatures cause food spoilage and a large number of microbes, which requires greater caution and caution, especially when it comes to young children whose immunity and resistance capacity they are very weak.

In this context, Asmaa Zriul, a specialist in nutrition and health, referred to the causes of food poisoning, especially when it comes to eating away from home, highlighting that it is related to the path through which food products pass.

Zeroual stressed, in statements to Hespress, that a defect in the food production stages can lead to poisoning, whether related to refrigeration, presentation, storage or even transportation, and pointed out that the matter is related to hygiene and heat. , “and it is not possible to determine the main cause of the cases of poisoning that occur. “It only happens if there is an opening.”

The specialist confirmed that restaurants, hotels and other places to eat often “do not adhere to the regulations in force in this framework, and do not give importance to the stages of food production from start to finish”, without mentioning that sometimes is related to people, such as “lack of attention to personal hygiene”, such as washing hands.

Zeriul criticized “not making a great effort to employ people specialized in surveillance,” stressing that “the inspection carried out by the State cannot cover all hotels and restaurants, and therefore self-cleaning is what must be trusted.”

And he called for the commitment to have specialists in hygiene and nutrition to help reduce poisonings that occur in meeting places, such as hotels, restaurants, etc., saying: “These are poisonings that rarely occur inside the house; What is acceptable at home cannot be applied outside, because the quantity is limited and the cleanliness of the place can be controlled, and therefore the practices that we do inside the house cannot be practiced outside the house.”

Zriul recommended paying attention to hygiene when eating out, saying: “It is better to choose to eat cooked things, wash your hands well, comply with personal hygiene, and also ask for food that is prepared at the moment”, also calling to “ask for the desired place to go, and ask inside The place has to meet quality standards to draw the attention of the restaurant or hotel owner and alert him to these issues.”

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