A forum that delights the inmates of the Larache 2 prison

A forum that delights prisoners in prison "Larache 2"
Photos: Hespress

Saturday 30 July 2022 – 00:20

In the presence of cadres from the central administration of the General Delegation for Penitentiary Management and Reintegration, the Larache 2 regional prison hosted, this Friday, the closing ceremony of the first phase of the inmates’ summer forum, in its fifth edition , the date that started on July 15, with the aim of integrating this segment into the social fabric.

The organization of this forum, which benefited 38 inmates, according to Ibrahim Rawahi, director of the local prison, Larache 2, is part of the care received by minor inmates within the rehabilitation programs that seek to develop the values ​​of citizenship. in this category and spread the spirit of cooperative work. As well as spreading among them a climate of collective participation, as is the case of the same Sunni groups outside the walls of penitentiary institutions.

The programming of this forum included a set of educational, cultural, artistic, sports, religious and social programs directed, which were downloaded in accordance with the requirements of security and prevention, and included lyrical links and theatrical performances written and performed by the inmates of the institution. ; In addition to exhibiting paintings and drawings made by the occupants of the penitentiary institution.

Prison Larache summer meeting